Talented Teens, Flowers on a Friday and Basketball, Basketball, BASKETBALL

Determined beyond all reason to finish my novel revisions (almost) on time, I worked 13 hours the other day, finishing after 3 a.m. But WOOHOO it felt great to e-mail the finished book to my editor and agent.

Later that day, I had the great pleasure of speaking to the talented teen writers at the Wellington Branch Library. There's a post about it here.

Yowza, are these kids good writers! Brooke showed me a poem, "Symphony of Rain," that was beautiful and Sarah showed me a whole collection of different poems she'd written for her school's unit on poetry. Ellen bravely read a poem that had fabulous imagery. And here's Alexis summoning the courage to read a very moving piece she'd written.

Next to her is Tiffany, who milked a cow earlier in the day and kissed a llama. That must be why she's smiling.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Lance and Dawn and Maddie. Did I get everyone? Nope!

A big, hairy thank you to Amanda Bosky, uber-talented writer, editor and librarian, for inviting me.

Earlier, my dear friend, Deborah, gave me these gorgeous flowers to celebrate my winning a silver medal in the Florida Book Awards Children's Literature category.

Thanks, Deb! The awards banquet is May 7th in Orlando, and I'm already excited about it!

Finally, I don't know about your house, but at ours it's basketball, basketball, BASKETBALL. My guys are either playing it, watching it or talking about playing or watching it.

Here are a couple happy snaps of them doing what they love best . . .

Here's hoping you spend your weekend doing what you love best

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