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The most popular pirate video in Australia this year was Underbelly. Based on thd true events of Melbourne's 1990s gangland murders, Underbelly is Australian TV's attempt at making The Sopranos. Obviously it doesn't reach those heights, but it is surprisingly good. The ColossusThe only actor in it I could name is Vince Colossimo as the Black Prince of Lygon Street, who sadly (for the sake of good drama) gets bumped off in the second episode. Though I have recognised several ex-Neighbours actors in supporting roles. A tense family funeral yes, but isn't that Cheryl from Neighbours at the back with the guy who played Harold's son?
Knowing they had a huge hit on their hands, Channel Nine were understandably upset when a judge at a current trial stopped the show going to air for fear it would prejudice the jury. But they only stopped it showing in the state of Victoria. Within days of it going to air in Queensland and New South Wales, bootleg DVDs of the show were tempting the most upstanding members of the Victorian community in illegality. As one of the few in the state who hadn't seen one of these I was happy to see Channel nine had been given permission to finally show it here.
Italian mobster with Japanese yakuza connections They said one episode had to be 'subtly edited' to avoid incriminating someone. Subtle editing means pixelating a character's face so they can't be identified. But... hang on... wouldn't that be an actor's face? I'm questioning my own sanity here, but yes, they did pixelate an actor's face. it looked like Mario (OK it didn't, but the effect was much the same). So unless this was the finest piece of casting in TV history, and the actor was dead ringer for the alleged criminal, this is one of the silliest blurring of fiction and reality ever seen. So who was under that Mario face? Could it have been...
Or maybe...
Or even..
Perhaps we'll never know.

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